Health Ministries

A hospital chaplain provides spiritual support in the hospital environment to patients, hospital staff, and family members of all faiths.

Chaplains attend patients by request, or they may visit all patients in the hospital. Their goal is to provide spiritual support and counseling to help people who may be experiencing spiritual distress, and to bring in other religious practitioners if they are needed. Nondenominational counseling is also available.

Chaplains may also sit with dying patients and their families to provide support. Chaplains also bring Holy Communion to Catholic patients upon request.

Yolanda Carrillo, MBA., BCC
P. (956) 784-5018

Jeniffer J. Diaz
P. (956) 784-5048

Office Location
San Juan Pastoral Center
Fitzpatrick Bldg.
700 N. Virgen de San Juan
San Juan Texas, 78589

Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care helps integrate the mind, body and spirit which is essential to one’s well-being and healing process.


If you are scheduled to be hospitalized it is recommended that, prior to and in preparation for your hospitalization, you go to your parish for Confession and the Anointing of the Sick. This will allow these Sacraments to be made more available for the unplanned hospitalizations.

How to contact a Chaplain in the Hospital

  • Ask for the Hospital Chaplain’s Office from any hospital staff.
  • In Emergency:  ask one of the nurses.
  • Scheduled Admitting or Out-Patient:  ask the registration desk clerk or nurse to inform the chaplain’s office/Pastoral Services.
  • In a Room:  ask any member of the medical staff to request to be seen by a hospital chaplain.

Chaplain Contact Numbers

If it is an Emergency call the Hospital Operator and ask for the On-Call Chaplain. If it is not life threatening call the Chaplain’s office. If no answer, please leave a detailed message.


Valley Baptist Health Systems
(956) 698-5400 Hospital Operator
(956) 698-4452 Chaplain’s Office

Valley Regional Medical Center
(956) 350-7000 Hospital Operator
(956) 350-7124 Chaplain’s Office


Valley Baptist Health Systems
(956) 389-1100  Hospital Operator
(956) 389-1194 Chaplain’s Office

Harlingen Medical Center
(956) 365-1000 Hospital Operator
(956) 200-7127 Chaplain’s Cell
(956) 365-1844 Chaplain’s Office


McAllen Medical Center
(956) 632-4000 Hospital Operator
(956) 632-4388 Chaplain’s Office
(956) 971-5773 Chaplain’s Office

McAllen Heart Hospital
(956) 994-2000 Hospital Operator
(956) 994-2107 Chaplain’s Office

Rio Grande Regional Hospital
(956) 632-6000 Hospital Operator
(956) 632-6616 Chaplain’s Office

 San Juan

San Juan Nursing Home
(956) 787-1771 Main Number


Knapp Medical Center
(956) 968-8567 Hospital Operator
(956) 973-5383 Chaplain’s Office


Edinburg Regional Medical Center
(956) 388-6000 Hospital Operator
(956) 388-6634 Chaplain’s Office

Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance
Main Tower
(956) 362-8677 Hospital Operator
(956) 362-7270 Chaplain’s Office

Women’s Hospital
(956) 362-2229 Hospital Operator
(956) 362-4285 Chaplain’s Office