Jail & Prison

Inmate Studies

The studies listed below are provided without cost by CDOB Jail/Prison Ministry to inmates on a unit by unit basis. As the ministry grows in each facility, the Director and Chaplain collaborate to determine the next study that is most suitable for the inmates at a particular facility. The majority of the funding for these materials are made possible by Grants from the Scanlan Foundation, the Kennedy Memorial Foundation, Catholic Missions and the CDOB Bishop’s Annual Appeal Fund. The instruction and moderating of these studies are provided by the dedicated and committed Jail/Prison Ministry Volunteers.

Catholic Bibles

Distribution of free Catholic Bibles in English and Spanish places the Word of God in the hands of inmates for regular, daily reading. Versions include the deuterocanonical books: New American Catholic Bible (Santa Biblia, Spanish), The Good News Bible, (Dios Habla Hoy).

Prayer Book
Bible Study
Faith Study
Prayer Study
RCIA Study
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