Natural Family Planning Orientation Sessions

Natural Family Planning Orientation Sessions


“We [Catholics] teach these truths: the birth of every child is something of a miracle; couples possess a remarkable opportunity cooperating with God in the creation of new human life; the one conceived flows out of, manifests, and deepens the spouses’ self-giving love for one another; the infant is a unique reflection of the singular and special bond between husband and wife.

It teaches that the act of sexual intercourse has two meanings which cannot be separated: the unitive meaning, by which the love of a couple is symbolized, sustained and strengthened; and the procreative meaning, by which the couple open themselves to the possibility of cooperating with God in the creation of a new person.

Since these two meanings of the act cannot be separated without undercutting God’s design of human sexuality and undermining the total, reciprocal self-giving between spouses, the Church states that “each and every marriage act must remain open to the transmission of new life.” As a consequence, it approves natural family planning and rejects as immoral various forms of contraception.”

Faithful to Each Other Forever
Bishops’ Committee for Pastoral Research & Practices 
National Conference of Catholic Bishops


Every marriage preparation program administered by the Family Life Office includes an orientation on Natural Family Planning. Couples view the video, “Love and Fertility” and listen to the presentation made by Family Life Office personnel. Modern methods of Natural Family Planning (NFP) are Church-approved and are based on scientific understanding of the ovulation cycle in women.

A couple wishing to use NFP would need to schedule individualized sessions to learn how to chart the various physical signs of fertility-thus making informed decisions about regulating births.

For information or to schedule individualized sessions in English,
contact Willy Kopecky at 956-969-3079 or 956-968-7142.
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And you may also call the
Family Life Office at 956-784-5012 for NFP information sessions

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