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Deacon Luis Zuniga

Deacon Luis Zuñiga

Director of the Office for Pastoral Planning and San Juan Diego Ministry Institute.

Why do you look for the living among the dead?

“Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen.” These are the words from the Gospel of Luke (24:5-6) that the angels ask the women who go to the tomb of Jesus on the first Easter morning, only to find it empty. He is risen! Alleluia! Thank God…

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Living the Corporal Works of Mercy

In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, Pope Francis wants to direct special attention to “Jesus Christ as the face of the Father’s mercy.” These words sum up the mystery of the Christian faith and the fact “the Lord Jesus by his words, actions and his entire person reveals to us the mercy of God.” (Misericordiae…

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Year of Mercy opportunity for spiritual growth

The mercy of God is the hope of every Christian. This is the good news that the Holy Father, Pope Francis wants to emphasize this during the Year of Mercy to the universal Church. Already regarded as the “Pope of Mercy,” Pope Francis has proclaimed an Extraordinary Jubilee Holy Year of Mercy to remind the…

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Lydia Pesina

Lydia Pesina

Director of the Family Life Office

Grateful for freedom

As we celebrate Independence Day on the Fourth of July, we remember that we live in a country that has afforded us many freedoms. I am grateful for those freedoms and I am especially grateful for the many freedoms that God, our Heavenly Father, has granted us his children in how he has created us.…

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Strong Catholic families, strong Catholic youth

Pope Francis continues to give all of us much to ponder and reflect upon about our lives and about our families. When he visited Philadelphia in September 2015 he said, “In families, there are difficulties. In families, we argue; in families, sometimes the plates fly; in families, the children give us headaches. And I’m not…

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Practicing mercy in the family

During this sacred season of Lent this year, we Catholics also have a special “task” to remember; which is to reflect on and strive to live “mercy” in a special way during this Holy Year of Mercy which began on Dec. 8, 2015 and will conclude on Nov. 20, 2016, the Feast of Christ the…

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Gift that can’t be bought: Love

December is a wonderful month to reflect on the word “gift” and perhaps to recall all the various definitions and subtle differences in meanings that this word holds. During this time of Advent as we prepare our hearts to once again “receive” the gift of the Christ Child who grew in age and wisdom and…

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En La Frontera

Brenda Nettles Riojas is the editor of The Valley Catholic and the director of Diocesan Relations.

To say yes, sometimes we have to say no

What does your to-do list look like today? How many commitments are you juggling? My husband reminds me often to put a hold on my workaholic tendencies. Even on weekends and vacation time, I keep a to-do list, checking off one item, adding two more. A question I should be asking myself: Are all my…

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Be intentional, take action

Deadlines. They haunt me, but I need them. Maybe it’s the adrenaline rush or the prompting to let a project go, but I credit deadlines for pushing me to action. Setting targets and cut off points, both at work and home, pushes me to reach my goals. Otherwise “mañana” finds a way into my day…

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On the other side of the fence

Growing up on the border in Brownsville with family on the other side of the Rio Grande River in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico, I was accustomed to life on both sides. We traveled back and forth without worry. I say “without worry” because as a child I did not realize the barriers some of my aunts…

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Why we do what we do

What did I agree to this time? Why did I say ‘yes’? Do you ever ask yourself these questions? I do at times after I commit to something I have never attempted and I realize what this commitment entails. I credit my sister for offering the latest challenge – a sprint triathlon in May. From…

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‘You have demonstrated what it means to be the Church’

Apostolic Nuncio